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New Local Book: An Address in Bloomsbury

The social and architectural history of Holborn is the subject of author Alec Forshaw’s latest book, An Address in Bloomsbury. Centred on two historic properties, both of which happened to have, at different times, the same address of No.49 Great Ormond Street, it covers the development of the Holborn area after the Great Fi...
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Posted 19 Feb 2018

A New Year Message from Cllr Fulbrook

It's easy to sit back and complain.  It's easy to avoid going to meetings or taking part in consultations. It requires time and effort - but it's worth it when things change for the better. Our H&CG Ward councillors work tirelessly on our behalf. We need to tell them what we think and what we want. They may not always agree wi...
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Posted 1 Jan 2018

Clean Camden App

Using Camden's app, HV was delighted by the swift response after reporting two incidences of fly-tipping. Reported in the morning and the rubbish was gone by the afternoon - amazing. The app allows you to report environmental issues in three simple steps: Location - a map pops up with your location, take a photo of what you...
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Posted 5 Dec 2017

Moped Crime Tweets

These messages were Tweeted 4th December 2017
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Posted 5 Dec 2017

A Message from the Met

Moped Crime, our top priority! Many of our residents are understandably concerned and frightened by these brazen moped enabled criminals. The thieves conceal their identities with balaclavas and full face helmets, wear generic clothing and ride stolen mopeds. They do not fear CCTV or witnesses. The crime takes place in a mat...
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Posted 3 Dec 2017

Don't Use Your Phone in the Street

Our Safer Neithbourhood Team at Holborn Police station currently advise you to not use your mobile phone in the street unless you really need to.  Here's a local map of robberies in the first week of May this year. The spate of scooter and bike enabled crime seems to be getting worse and worse.  HV has witnessed a numbe...
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Posted 7 Jul 2017

Citizen Aid

The Met Police at Holborn have asked that we draw your attention to and the affiliated free app. This provides free advice, training and guidance on what to do in the event of a shooting, stabbing or bombing. This is what CitizenAid says, "We believe that being prepared really matters. Those first 5 minutes co...
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Posted 30 Mar 2017

Psst! Wanna Buy a Bit of Land?

The Royal Mail have finally put the Mount Pleasant site on the market. You can download the sales brochure via this link to the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Forum's website With less than 18 months left before the Royal Mail’s planning p...
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Posted 11 Feb 2017

Fair Notice for Parking Suspension

Moped rider wins High Court battle over £130 parking fine in Camden, reports the Evening Standard A moped rider who returned from holiday to discover he had been issued a £130 parking ticket has won a test case to overturn the fine. Robert Humphreys, 71, parked his scooter in a motorcycle bay near Euston station in August...
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Posted 31 Jan 2017

Once A Week Rubbish Collection

There are big changes heading our way on 1st April. It’s not an April Fool’s joke.  It’s all to do with the terms of Camden’s new Environmental Services contract. Rubbish will be collected only ONCE A WEEK.  That means General rubbish, Recycling and Food waste - once a week.  If you want garden waste removed you will need t...
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Posted 28 Jan 2017