GOSH Children’s Cancer Centre development


Wednesday, 21 February 2024 - Wednesday, 21 February 2024
Wed 21 Feb, 3:30pm-6pm

Children’s Cancer Centre development Drop-in session Wed 21 Feb, 3:30pm-6pm, Weston House lecture theatre, Great Ormond Street


At the session you can find out more about the development and the works that will be starting to enable the construction of this new facility at GOSH.


Work starting February and March 2024

On 19 February, the main entrance will close. Entrances on Guilford Street and Lambs Conduit Street will be used instead. A concrete tower crane base within the hospital site will be removed.
Environmental monitors will be installed.
There will be some infrastructure changes within the hospital.
In February there will be highways works on Guilford Street and Guilford Place and utility diversions on Great Ormond Street.
The canopy above the main entrance will be removed.
The average number of lorries coming to site each day is five between February and May 2024. The site working hours are between 8am and 6pm.
In summer 2024, Great Ormond Street will become one-way (east to west) with hoardings along the middle of the road creating a lane for construction vehicles to access the site.
These changes will mean that the Frontage Building is disconnected from the rest of the hospital and is ready for deconstruction to start in summer/autumn 2024.


Website: www.goshccc.info

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