Parking Watch

The biggest number of complaints passed to Holborn Voice are about parking.

We have formed Holborn Voice Parking Watch to co-ordinate between residents and Camden, and to drive through necessary changes.

Got a complaint, an observation, an idea...?  Let us know.



To report the non-use of parking suspensions, the Contact Camden telephone number is printed on all suspension signs for this purpose and is the best way to ensure reports are investigated quickly, and where possible bringing bays back into use when the applicant agrees.
There is also an online form available via the suspension FAQs: or reports can be made directly to, however a telephone call ensures an investigation is done without delay.  

020 7974 4444 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)
A suspension to a parking bay or space prohibits the use of the bay by anyone other than the person or organisation that has made the application for the suspension. Whilst a parking suspension can be in place at any time, in most cases a suspension will normally operate between the core hours of 8.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday. The minimum notice period required to suspend parking bays is 14 calendar days, plus 3 working days processing time. Applications to suspend a bay must be received by 3pm, Mon-Fri (excluding public and bank holidays). Please use the contact information above, or apply online from the web page listed.



We presented a new report at the H&CG Area Action Group on 15th July.  This calls for additional resident parking bays to be made available to CA-D permit holders by sharing with underused P&D.

Shared use is fair to both residents and non-residents.

Under-used P&D bays can be shared with CA-D without negative impact on P&D availability and income.

Recognise that visitors can park in any P&D bay in any area, however local residents can only park in bays designated CA-D.

Increase use of kerb space by sharing CA-D with P&D.

The result: 241 additional shared bays for CA-D permit holders at no cost to Camden and no loss of P&D provision.

You can download the report, FAIRER FOR RESIDENTS, which lists our recommendations, here


Parking in CA-D (March)

We presented a summary of our CA-D Parking Report at the H&CG Area Action Group meeting on 4th March. Camden say that need to balance the use of the limited kerb space in the borough. We imagine that it's to ensure a fair distribution amongst the various potential users - Residents, P&D, Traders, Doctors etc.

The conclusion of our fact-based, detailed study and report is that residents needs are being pushed to the back.  We are a trapped 'market', having been sold a permit without any guarantee of a space - and more than that; when the pressure of demand from other users grows greater, it's the residents' bay that are first in line for the chop.  Camden can, and do, sell resident permits without ensuring that there is an appropriate and fair ratio of bays available.  It's time for change.

Here are our demands:

Rebalance in Favour of Residents

  • Protect & preserve existing residents bays
  • Reduce P&D, increase resident bays
  • Be reluctant to suspend residents bays
  • Resident bays suspended for filming to have alternate adjacent provision
  • Shared use CA-D/P&D
  • Increase the number of resident bays
  • Be fair to residents

Click this link to download a pdf of our full report.

Here's what Cllr Sue Vincent had to say:

Thank you  for coming along and setting out so comprehensively the work that you have undertaken.  All your ward councillors were shocked at the statistics and the vacancy rates.  As I have consistently said, congestion and pollution would be drastically reduced if residents weren’t forced to drive round, sometimes for up to 40 minutes, seeking parking spaces.
I will take this forward with the cabinet member responsible and relevant officers to ensure a re-balancing of kerbside use in this part of the ward.