Welcome to Holborn Voice, here to serve everyone who lives or works in Holborn.

People sometimes look surprised when we tell them we live in Holborn: know the feeling? It’s time for Holborn to put its best suit on and make itself heard. So Holborn Voice aims to do two things. One is to keep you in touch with what’s going on in your community; the other is to offer you a way of having your say. If there’s something you like, let us know – and shout if there’s something you don’t.

Working here? We hope Holborn Voice will persuade you that work is not the only thing that happens: you are in a lively neighbourhood, mixed in every way, full of great facilities, talented people and inventive businesses.

It’s your neighbourhood too: hang around and see what happens.

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Do you want to know exactly what's in the air you breathe? Do you suspect that our area suffers from more pollution than we should endure?  High volumes of traffic, queuing vehicles, idling engines, displacement from  Tavistock Place.  What about the substantial construction works?... Read More  
The Camden cabinet met to make decisions on what next for the Tavistock Place cycle track.  For all sorts of reasons it’s going to a public enquiry - in part because of a procedural error by Camden, and in part because (HV guesses) it remains a hot contentious subject. You can watch the... Read More  
This is an open letter to local residents letter from residents of Great James Street: You are probably unaware that Camden Council is sponsoring a major project for the proposed wholesale redevelopment of the Holborn Library, Cockpit Yard and Johns Mews located on Theobalds Road and Northington... Read More  
Read More 24/04/2017 - 03/07/2017
Lessons take place at Lingua Diversa Group’s offices in Holborn. Evening courses (10 weeks -...  
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