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A Message from Holborn Neighbourhood Forum

Though HCA, plans are afoot for a new Holborn Neighbourhood Forum. They're going to submit an application for designation as a Neighbourhood Forum and develop a Neighbourhood Plan under the terms of the Localism Act 2011. Neighbourhood planning gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood...
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Posted 20 May 2016

Novelty Automation's New Machine

HV is a big fan of Tim Hunkin's Novelty Automation.  Now there's a new machine.  Your task is to take the photos for the cover of the next issue of CELEB magazine. You have 4 minutes to take the photos before the police arrive. Fly the drone and see what the stars are up to inside their Beverley  Hills mansion. http://www...
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Posted 1 Mar 2016

Museum Mile

A walk along Museum Mile provides a fascinating insight into London, past and present. From King's Cross to the River Thames, discover 13 of the city's most extraordinary museums and galleries and their equally diverse collections. DOWNLOAD THE MUSEUM MILE TOUR Download the podcast to enjoy a self-guided walk around Mu...
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Posted 17 Oct 2015

Mount Pleasant Association

Mount Pleasant Association is delighted to announce that Islington and Camden Councils have accepted their applications for a Neighbourhood Area and Forum. From Friday 9 October to Friday 20 November 2015 Camden and Islington Councils will be consulting residents, those who work in the area and other interested stakeholders....
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Posted 12 Oct 2015

When HV met Starmer

A drizzly Saturday lunchtime in Red Lion Square. In the park café sits Keir Starmer with Labour party colleagues finishing lunch.  They’re mid-walkabout. There’s a bit of a film star buzz.  The last time HV was this excited was when we saw Boris from a distance at Kings Cross Station inspecting progress of works on the new squ...
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Posted 21 Jun 2015

Moped Gangs - We're Coming for You!

Tuesday, 5 May, saw the launch of a joint Islington and Camden borough initiative, called Operation Attrition, to tackle moped related crime. The operation is an intelligence led initiative which will use a range of policing tactics in order to tackle moped related crime. With a focus on deterrence and intervention, officer...
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Posted 13 May 2015

Information from Camden

Incident at Holborn Updated Saturday 4 April 2015 00:06 hrs The Fire has been extinguished and we are now working with emergency responders and contractors so that businesses can be reopened and residents can return home in phases. There will be a decision made between the Police, the Fire Brigade and Camden Council be...
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Posted 4 Apr 2015

Kingsway Fire

Messages from Steven Wright, Chief Inspector Neighbourhood Policing, Camden UPDATE At last good news. Within the last hour, 7pm Sunday 5th April, the Kingsway area has been declared safe and is now open to pedestrians. The majority of premises have had power restored and many also have gas. People have been allowed access...
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Posted 2 Apr 2015

Report Unused Parking Suspensions

To report the non-use of parking suspensions, the Contact Camden telephone number is printed on all suspension signs for this purpose and is the best way to ensure reports are investigated quickly, and where possible bringing bays back into use when the applicant agrees.   There is also an online form available via the suspe...
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Posted 23 Mar 2015

Novelty Automation

TIM HUNKIN'S MACHINES The new London arcade of home-made coin operated machines 'built by enthusiasts (twinned with 'The Under The Pier Show' seaside arcade) 1a Princeton St, London WC1R 4AX Opening hours:' Wednesdays 11am - 6pm' Thursdays 11am - 7pm' Fridays 11am - 6pm' Saturdays 11am - 6pm Have a look at the...
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Posted 13 Feb 2015