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Tavi Cycle Track: Fate Undecided

The Camden cabinet met to make decisions on what next for the Tavistock Place cycle track.  For all sorts of reasons it’s going to a public enquiry - in part because of a procedural error by Camden, and in part because (HV guesses) it remains a hot contentious subject. You can watch the webcast of the meeting here:  http://...
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Posted 28 Feb 2017

A Message from BRAG

Over 1000 people against the trial On 21st December 2016, a group from the committee of the Bloomsbury Residents’ Action Group (BRAG) handed our petition to Councillor Sarah Hayward, Leader of Camden Council. Our petition calls for Camden Council to abandon the Tavistock-Torrington Place trial scheme, which has caused ha...
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Posted 25 Jan 2017

Guilford Street Chaos

Do you like what's happening in Guilford Street opposite Coram's's Fields?  Does the building work and traffic make you feel safe? It didn’t really matter that much when the old UCL computer centre was bought by GOSH.  It made a sort of sense - they’re expanding their estate by buying locally. The hospital engaged with us...
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Posted 6 Jun 2016

They've Done What?

Since 2002 the council has been trying to exploit (cash-in) the potential of its property at Holborn Library and Cockpit Yard, [approx. 1 acre running from Theobalds Road to Northington St.] Camden prepared a developers' brief - what they want and how they want it. (Bear in mind they're doing this on our behalf.)  A number of...
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Posted 14 Mar 2016

Close Judd Street to Motorists?

You may not be aware that Camden and Transport for London are consulting on closing Judd Street to motor traffic at the junction with Euston Road.  Despite being up by Euston Road (next to the Town Hall) in Kings X ward it will indirectly affect HV (although we often use our helicopter for local trips to Regis Road) and could...
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Posted 29 Feb 2016

CA-D: Let's Do Something About It

Thanks to everyone who came to the Area Action Group to support proposals for 24/7 residents parking in our ward. The good news is that all our councillors  - Awale Olad, Julian Fulbrook and Sue Vincent - are supportive of these changes and have also suggested that Camden review all of its pay and display bays in Holborn wi...
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Posted 17 Oct 2012

Residents Parking - is there a problem?

The more we ask around, the more local residents tell us about the problems they have with residents parking permits and spaces. Camden are reviewing the hours of operation of the residents bays and also the useage of the pay & display bays oin the CA-D parking controlled zone. If you have a car, live in the Holborn area...
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Posted 8 Aug 2012

CA-D Residents Parking

You have a last-minute opportunity to comment on Camden's consultation: ". . . a public engagement exercise . . .to gauge opinion on issues relating to the size, days and hours of control of Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs), as well as on the maximum stay in pay and display bays." Any comment you want to make has to be email...
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Posted 8 Jul 2012