Resident Parking Consultation



In the end the Leader of the Council decided she too couldn't make the decision so it was jogged on to the Cabinet Member for Better Homes - no, me neither!  Having read the officer's report it comes as no surprise that Cllr Apak accepted the recommendation to retain the current hours of control in CA-D, King’s Cross and Holborn.

You can read the decision here


read the officer's report here.

Simply put in plain language, the response to the consultation was very low.18,626 addresses were sent the consultation and 520 responses were received. That's a response rate of 2.8%.  And what did those 520 respondees think about changes the hours of CA-D bays?


So there you have it. The overwhelming majority of the minority who responded don't want the hours changed.  What to have a closer look at the detail.  Here's the report.



The decision was delayed because it was decided that it should be made by Cllr Georgia Gould Leader of the Council instead of Cllr Adam Harrison the cabinet member responsible. There was a potential conflict of interest because Cllr Harrison owns a property in CA-D.

Now the date for the decision has been further delayed. Why? Nobody's saying! And so it drags on into November.

The report is now due to be published 29 October, and the decision made on 6 November by the Cabinet Member for Better Homes Cllr Merik Apak.  What?  Hang on a sec..! We thought the Leader of the Council was going to make the decision. Maybe she also has a conflict of interest because she shops at the Brunswick Centre?

Making resident bays 24hrs can't be such a hot potato that it needs to be bounced around various councillors. Perhaps it won't be too long before they run out of councillors and it can bounce to a resident to make the decision. I'm sure one of us would do it much faster.



CA-D Controlled Parking Zone Reviews

Report Available: 9 July 2018

ID Number: SC/2018/32

Decision due: 17 Jul 2018 by Cabinet Member for Improving Camden's Environment


The consultation about the hours for CA- D resident bays closed on 23 March

The response number for the last consutation were pitiful - it makes Camden think we don't care about our resident parking bays. HV campaigneded for clear differentiation between those who live in the CA-D area, and have resident parking permits, and those from elsewhere whose interst may be free parking to participate in the night-time economy of the West End, Islington and Clerkenwell.

This issue has been poked up the agenda by Islington Council extending the hours of operation of its CPZ C to 24 hours, Monday - Saturday and 00:00 – 06:00 on Sunday.

As Islington's zone shares a boundary with Camden’s CA-D there are concerns that some of those unable to park in Islington’s Zone C may want to park in CA-D.  It's a lure to those wanting to drive whilst enjoying the night time economy. The impact on CA-D residents is that there could be even more pressure on our resident bays - if all the CA-D bays were full, there would be nowhere for residents to park at evenings and weekends. Don't forget that Camden's residenrt bays in Covent Garden are all 24 hours now. This means the space of least resistance is between Covent Garden and Islington where we live and park - CA-D.

The problem is made much worse by Camden selling more CA-D permits than there are bays available. Leaving the bays open to non residents makes the problem worse when there's more pressure on spaces by Islington and covent Garden having 24-hour restrictions.

The benefit of 24-hour restrictions to residents using  CA-D bays is that the bays will be available to residents at all times, and if you use the visitor permits (scratch cards or e-vouchers) your visitors can park there, or on single yellow lines at other times.

One thing to watch out for, and to include in your comments of the 2018 consultation, is that it is VITAL that the restriction times for yellow lines stays the same as they are at the moment.  The single yellow lines allow visitor parking and more importantly, space for residents who can't find an available resident bay.


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