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CA-D 24/7 = Not Here

Following on from the results of the consultation on Controlled Parking Zones, the cabinet member responsible, Cllr Phil Jones Cabinet Member for Sustainability, made his decision on 3rd July.  As a result of lobbying by Cllr Olad, the meeting was turned into a public meeting so that a deputation could be made to Cllr Jones be...
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Posted 4 Jul 2013

Changes to Our Local Policing

The Metropolitan Police Service is putting an extra 2,600 neighbourhood police officers onto the streets of the capital to fight crime in the heart of London’s communities. Safer Neighbourhoods Teams [SNTs] are changing. With more officers and additional responsibilities, SNTs will take a stronger approach to catching crim...
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Posted 21 Jun 2013

Camden FOI Requests

Whilst idly swimming through the internet one lazy afternoon, by chance HV found a website specialising in the recording of Freedom of Information Act requests.  In particular, a section devoted to Camden FOIs. Here's an example: Please provide a breakdown of the ten locations that have produced the most Penalty Charge Not...
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Posted 19 Jun 2013

Mixed Recycling

This may not be fascinating, but it is handy... From 1st July there won't be any need to separate your recylable glass, paper and plastics - it can all be bundled together into the same bin or bags.  Your food waste will still need to be sperated.  There, now we've told you.
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Posted 12 Jun 2013

Parking Triumph

The potential loss of residents parking has been averted thanks to the persistence and diligence of our ward councilors, particularly by Cllr Awale Olad.   Cllr Phil Jones, cabinet member for sustainability – in charge of parking – acknowledges his, “…strong advocacy on behalf of ward residents”. The proposed business bay th...
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Posted 4 May 2013

Goodbye and Thanks For All The Books

It's with considerable sadness that HV says goodbye to The Lamb Bookshop - our local independent bookshop.  Goodbye Harriet.  Goodbye Ben. Thank you for selling us great books at good prices over the years. Here's how the story was reported by the CNJ.  
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Posted 2 Apr 2013

Squalid Phone Boxes

Here's a message from Cllr Julian Fulbook: For some time ward councillors in Holborn and Covent Garden have been campaigning for the removal of unused, or illegally used, telephone kiosks. In an era of widespread mobile telephone use many of these kiosks are wholly redundant. Anyone who dares to look inside some of the tel...
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Posted 17 Mar 2013

Fraud Alert

The Met Police have issued an alert about a type of fraud called 'courier fraud'.  Their message is below.  As we can tell from reports in the press, many victims didn't believe that it could happen to them.  Many others are embaressed.  The fraudsters are plausible, they sound convincing, there can be persistant and agressive...
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Posted 5 Mar 2013

Circle of Death?

Are we in the middle of a cyclists' circle of death? Blogger finds 14 women and no men killed in one area of Central London since 2001... nearly all by lorries Cycling blogger Adrian of I Cycle Liverpool has uncovered the startling fact that in one sizeable area of Central London, 14 women – but no men – have been killed...
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Posted 27 Feb 2013

It's Probably Nothing, But...

A publicity campaign launched by the Metropolitan Police Service 18th Feb urges Londoners to trust their instincts to help police in the fight against terrorism and potentially save lives. Everyone who works, lives and visits the capital has a role to play in helping to counter the terrorist threat which remains real and ser...
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Posted 18 Feb 2013