Parking Triumph


The potential loss of residents parking has been averted thanks to the persistence and diligence of our ward councilors, particularly by Cllr Awale Olad.   Cllr Phil Jones, cabinet member for sustainability – in charge of parking – acknowledges his, “…strong advocacy on behalf of ward residents”.

The proposed business bay that was going to lead to the loss of a residents bay in John Street is now being located in a space previously taken up by a single yellow line, and the redundant, unused business bay on Roger Street is being converted into a residents bay.

Cllr Olad rightly claims a “big win on this one”; and HV thanks him and his fellow ward councilors for their efforts and achievement.

However, our claim that the pay and display bays are underused and should be converted into either residents bays or to shared use has been met with this reaction by Camden officers following an investigation, “Officers in Parking Services have confirmed that the bays are used averagely in comparison with the rest of the borough which is neither classed exceptional usage or under used.  At the present time, we do not have any plans to alter the pay and display parking bays at this location.”

Cllr Fulbrook often reminds us that “eternal vigilance is the price of democracy”.  He’s right. It may be annoying, but, as we have seen, not only do we have to care about what is being done with our money in our name, we have to engage with it as well.  Let’s not forget that it’s our Camden.  Not the councilors Camden, and certainly not the officers Camden but OUR Camden.  It’s ours because we all live here and we pay for it.

Our councilors welcome engage with how Camden is being run.  As HV has said before, if you didn’t take part you really can’t complain afterwards when it’s too late and expect to have something done about it. Eternal Vigilance!

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