Squalid Phone Boxes


Here's a message from Cllr Julian Fulbook:

For some time ward councillors in Holborn and Covent Garden have been campaigning for the removal of unused, or illegally used, telephone kiosks. In an era of widespread mobile telephone use many of these kiosks are wholly redundant.

Anyone who dares to look inside some of the telephone boxes that remain in our ward will see garbage, drugs paraphernalia, and a deluge of lurid sex adverts. The reports from some of the providers, like BT, who attempt to clean up on a sporadic basis or at least when a member of the public gets in touch, are that these kiosks are often excrementally challenged, even when they are near public conveniences.

Given public safety it is important to have access to an emergency telephone, but this can often be arranged by a wall telephone under a small canopy, which means street cleansing can deal with any build up of litter underneath.

We now have a complete listing of the telephone kiosks in our area, and also some of the ownership, or former ownership, of these structures that clog up our pavements and seem to be a magnet for criminality and litter.

Can you help with local knowledge? Do you know of a telephone kiosk in the area that is being misused?
If so, please write in to one of the ward councillors or direct to brian.foxton@camden.gov.uk and we will endeavour to tackle the problem.

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