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38 'Boris' Bus

Casually known to some as the 'Boris' Bus, the 38 route sees the launch of a bus worthy of the 21st century.  Mayor Boris Johnson said the bus was "stunning" with "every feature tailored to the London passenger". I've heard rumours of a coffee and croissant bar, a first class area for those needing to use the onboard comfy sofa...
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Posted 24 Feb 2012

Don't Panic

A major exercise to test the emergency service and Government response to a terrorist incident during the Olympic and Paralympics Games period will be held in central London this week. Exercise Forward Defensive is part of the Government's regular National Counter-terrorism and has been jointly developed by the Home office and...
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Posted 21 Feb 2012

London Assembly

Police and Crime Commitee  The Assembly's first Police and Crime Committee meeting looked at the scale of gang activity in London and the effectiveness of measures to combat it. The evidence heard will feed into the Committee's future work as it looks at crime reduction in the capital. The new Committee is responsible for exa...
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Posted 31 Jan 2012

A Message from Holborn Police SNT

One problem that we as a Borough are experiencing at present is the theft of property by youths on pedal cycles. This is typically iPads and iPhones.  You can help protect yourself and your property in the following ways: 1. Be aware of your surroundings when using your device, especially in tube/train stations and crowded pl...
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Posted 26 Jan 2012

Problems Caused by Late Night Drinking

A Home Office Consultation If local communities are concerned about premises that are open into the early hours of the morning and causing problems, then they should be able to respond flexibly, says the Home Office. The majority (64%) of all violence occurs in the evening or at night and one-fifth of all violent incidents tak...
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Posted 19 Jan 2012

Northern Line Closure

TfL has produced a video giving viewers an insight in to the work being carried out on the Northern line during the festive period. Engineers will be testing out the new signalling system on the High Barnet branch of the line between Boxing Day and New Year resulting in a closure of that section of the line. Much of the work t...
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Posted 27 Dec 2011

Park-ageddon. It's Not About The Money

In the article below from the London Evening Standard  I've hlighted a line in the penultimate paragraph.  To be fair to Cllr. Vincent, she did bring this up at the last Area Action Group, drawing our attention to the concern that Westminster's unilateral action would force 'displacement' parking into Camden and so create a prob...
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Posted 14 Dec 2011


Here's an opportunity for too many jokes - all of them either political or in bad taste.  I'll spare you as I'm sure you can easily make up your own... A message from Camden: Camden Council is offering 1,000 new shovels to help local community groups in the borough clear snow from footpaths over the winter. We'll still be doin...
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Posted 12 Dec 2011

A Message from TfL

TfL has produced a video giving viewers an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek in to what was happening behind the hoardings at Tottenham Court Road during the recent upgrade work. Watch it here: and for more information on the Tube Upgrade plan and other lines,...
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Posted 18 Nov 2011

Roadsafe London

Roadsafe London has been set up by the Metropolitan Police Traffic department to allow you, the public, to tell them about criminal, nuisance or anti-social behaviour on London's roads. Their aim is to use your information to stop the most dangerous drivers putting everyone else at risk and to make London's roads as safe as they...
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Posted 16 Nov 2011