Local Campaigns

Clevelend Street Workhouse

The Cleveland Street Workhouse website is run by a group of individuals made up of concerned residents and eminent academics seeking to retain Fitzrovia’s Georgian era Workhouse for the posterity of generations to come. We believe that the building should be retained on the basis of the building’s state of preservation, its classical architectural proportions, the anomaly of it remaining unlisted, its significant architectural and historical importance, and most importantly its local appropriateness. We also believe that the proposed new building is very much out of character with surrounding buildings, and therefore does not meet planning requirements for buildings within the Charlotte Street Conservation Area. Please join us in lobbying Camden Council, Camden Labour & DCMS to reconsider their actions by clicking on the petition link,

Holborn & St. Pancras Secondary School Campaign

THE HOLBORN & ST PANCRAS SECONDARY SCHOOL CAMPAIGN has sprung from the experience of a group of local primary school parents, who have become aware of the urgent need for local secondary school places for their children. We believe that every child deserves a place at a good local secondary school, and that good local schools help build stronger communities.

Transition Bloomsbury

Transition Bloomsbury was started in late 2008. It was a rational and emotional response to several years of fervent reading about the likelihood of dwindling access to ‘easy oil’ and growing international scientific consensus that supported global climate change.