Local Groups

1A ARTS etc

1A ARTS etc runs a range of services for local children, young people and adults. For the latest news on workshops, courses and events check our blog. 1A ARTS etc also offers services to other voluntary sector organisations and community groups. We have been working with local people in Holborn since 2001 and now also operate a volunteering programme.

8th Holborn Scouts

8th Holborn Scout Group is a mixed youth organisation with a membership of about 80 young people aged 6 to 18+, supported by a team of volunteer leaders and assistants.

Bloomsbury Association

Formed in 1972 and Incorporating Bloomsbury Community Association. Promoting civic social responsibility, Quality of Life and the preservation of our architectural heritage.

Bloomsbury Squares & Gardens

Details of events in Bloomsbury’s historic squares and gardens, and news about their planting and features, or to find out more about their history. There are contact details for each garden. This website is run by the Association of Bloomsbury Squares and Gardens, which is an umbrella group of the Friends and other organisations that support or manage the many historic squares and gardens in Bloomsbury. It aims to encourage visitors and residents to appreciate and enjoy them by providing a central point for information and news about the gardens, and any events and activities that are taking place.

Bloomsbury Village Neighbourhood Planning Project

Looking for your ideas and comments on how you think your neighbourhood should develop into the future to enable the Prosperity and Improvement of our Quality of Life. If you are a stakeholder in the area, whether resident, business or landowner you can participate in this project and the planning process for Bloomsbury Village.

Cockpit Arts

Cockpit Arts is a social enterprise and the UK's only creative-business incubator for designer-makers. We are a renowned hotbed of creative talent, focused on nurturing and supporting talented designers and artisans with a craft basis to their work. We help 165 resident designer-makers to grow their businesses and hundreds more through our dedicated professional development workshops.

Friends of St Georges Gardens

St George's Gardens, a central London garden and burial ground now almost 300 years old. Used every week by hundreds of people living or working in the St Pancras area the Gardens contain the tomb of Oliver Cromwell's grand daughter, Anna Gibson. They are also a reminder of the dark history of body-snatching - the first recorded case took place here.

Holborn Community / Bedford House

Holborn Community Association provides a range of core services and special projects to all sections of the local community at our two centres: Bedford House and Millman Street. Friendly, vibrant and inclusive, the centres are open 7 days a weeks throughout the year.

Holborn Job Club

The Holborn Job Club meets every other Friday at 10.30am. We are all facing difficult economic times, many businesses are struggling and local people are losing their jobs. Research shows that the best way to find another job is through friends, family or social networks. The Club has been set up to help people expand their network of contacts and act as a support group. Guest speakers will also offer advice on interview technique, CV and cover letter writing, presentation and networking skills and volunteering opportunities. Contact one of us to book a free place. Richard Hopkin Tel.: 07 813 380 577 Email: richard_hopkin@live.com Marc Templer Tel.: 07729 183 440 Email: marc_templer@hotmail.com Alison Frost Email: alison.frost@live.co.uk

Marchmont Street Association

The aim of this site is to tell you about our organisation and the work we are doing to improve our 'area of benefit' in Bloomsbury, London, WC1. The Marchmont Association unites local residents and businesses in a simple cause: 'To Improve the Local Area for the Benefit of All'