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Fair Notice for Parking Suspension

Moped rider wins High Court battle over £130 parking fine in Camden, reports the Evening Standard

A moped rider who returned from holiday to discover he had been issued a £130 parking ticket has won a test case to overturn the fine.

Robert Humphreys, 71, parked his scooter in a motorcycle bay near Euston station in August 2013 before a three-week trip.

He managed to find a bay without time restrictions so was surprised to get issued a £130 parking ticket.

Mr Humphreys was told by Camden council the bay had been suspended while he was away.

He won challenges to the ticket at a parking tribunal and then in court, but Camden fought the decisions and even increased the fine to £195.

This week Mr Humphreys, from Shropshire, won a High Court judicial review and Camden was ordered to pay his £3,100 legal costs.

The court ruled it was now “far too late” for the council to insist on him paying.

HV says, we are very interested in the result of this case.  Many residents have reported to us their frustration about Camden suspending bays with short notice.  Too often the owner of a car legally parked in a resident bays returns to discover a PCN because the bay has been suspended later.  Facing the blank, stony face of Camden when pointing out the inherent unfairness of this, residents are further frustrated when told that they should check on their vehicles - when?  How often? Every day?  Really!!

The over-selling of resident permits - more permits are issued than there are bays available, the constant suspension of bays for road works and filming etc only adds to the pressure. Drivers may need to park far away from where they live and may not be in a position to check on their car every day.

We haven't read what the High Court actually said about Mr Roberts' judicial review, but hopefully it was something that will make Camden give more notice in the future. Once you're parked legally you should have an expectation that you won't get a PCN.