Increase in Resident Parking Permit Charges


This April Camden is going to raise the cost of resident parking permits.

The declared reason for this is "to reduce car ownership, car use and motor traffic levels" and "discouraging inessential car ownership and use".

HV asked Camden for a definition of inessential car ownership and use.

Here's the response:

Inessential car use is defined as a journey that could be undertaken by other means and inessential car ownership is owning a car to undertake journeys that could be undertaken by other modes/means.

Current permit charges

Increased permit charges

Current registration charge

Increased registration charge

There's a hard to find opportunity for residents to comment on the proposal at This link brings you to a page with two further links to download pdf documents.  Parking permit charges 2018/19 (PDF) and Proposed resident permit charges (PDF)  Click on the second link and scroll down to the end of the document:

How to comment:

Please submit any comments to the proposals by 29 March 2019.

Option 1 Email: You can submit your comments to the proposals via email to:

Option 2 Post: Send your comments using the following freepost address (no stamp required) Parking Policy,Transport Strategy Service, 5th Floor, 5PS, FREEPOST RSLT-RJBR-TXAA, London Borough of Camden, Town Hall, Judd Street, London, WC1H 9JE.

Yes, I know the address seems very odd.  But it's exactly what Camden has used in the document.

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