Calthorpe Project Community Garden


The Calthorpe Project Community Garden has been redesigning its early years play area.


The new designs have been created by Variant Office in consultation with garden users. Proposals include more play facilities but also integrating garden areas for children to learn about planting and growing food.  Want to see more images?  Click here for the Variant Office website.

Now comes the fund-raising bit. The People’s Postcode Lottery has already provided some funding, and  if enough local people pledge then the Mayor of London will match-fund towards the end of October. You can make a donation and see more plans for the project: If the fundraising target isn’t met then your donation won’t be taken.

And whilst you're at it and feeling that this is something you should support for our community, you should take a look at The Calthorpe Living Lab. In another part of the garden is the Living Lab. This helps people become more self-sufficient by offering workshops of practical skills.

They're also going to establish a solar-powered community shop to sell garden products and those made by other local entrepreneurs & artisans. Environmentally focussed workshops and courses will include skills for up-cycling, food preserving, raw vegan & vegetarian cooking, urban food growing & plant propagation.  These are designed to help people reduce waste, reuse, recycle & up-cycle, and get creative!

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