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We know many of you are very eager to start various fundraising campaigns but we have been advised to by our lawyers to wait till certain legal issues have been clarified and resolved. So we do not have a massive update as they have also advised us to not publicise the proceedings for now. We will keep everyone posted as and when possible!

HOWEVER part of our larger plan is to be listed with Camden Council as a community asset, for this we will need your help!

Community asset is a building or other land which is an asset of community value if its main use has recently been or is presently used to further the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community and could do so in the future. The Localism Act states that “social interests” include cultural, recreational and sporting interests.

We need 21 Camden residents (who are on the electoral roll) who are willing to nominate us as a community asset and become a member of 'The Friend's of the Horse Hospital'.

There is no subscription fee or any other administrative duties, this is a legal formality but there will be a meeting in September.

If you are willing, all you need to do for now is email the following details to



Post code:  

Phone number:  


More info here


In an unexpected move by the owners of the building it was announced on Tuesday 13th May, that the Horse Hospital will be put it on the open market next month for £2.5 million. After 21 years of hard work establishing an important, alternative arts organization in this unique building we are of course totally shocked and heartbroken over this terrible news.

Thankfully we have managed to negotiate a contract to stay here and continue with our scheduled program until the end of March 2015. Although it leaves us no time at all, we have decided to do everything within our capacity to secure the building and somehow or other raise the necessary funds.

The Horse Hospital as an arts organization is intrinsically tied into the fabric of the building and in 2004 under the imminent threat of redevelopment, we thoroughly researched the history of this beautiful building and upon application to English Heritage it was promptly awarded a Grade 2, making The Horse Hospital a slightly less attractive prospect for property developers, we hoped..!

Built originally by James Burton in 1797 as stabling for cabby's sick horses, The Horse Hospital is the only existing unspoilt example of a two-floor, purpose-built stable remaining for public access in London and is now an important Grade II listed building which has operated a Not For Profit policy, and provided space for underground and Avant-Garde media since 1993. It also houses and is supported by the ‘Contemporary Wardrobe Collection’, a fashion archive that specialises in post-war street fashion, sub-cultures and British design.

Genuinely inclusive, accessible, and welcoming both artistically and socially, the Horse Hospital has not only maintained a space for what might still be called the counter-culture in an ever more formalised and even corporate arts environment; it has nurtured and grown several generations, favouring the hybrid and the unclassifiable, the risk-takers and visionaries. The central stream of any culture relies on those edge dwellers for its constant renewal. With pressures on funding, public performance spaces and the time it takes to make invigorating work, the Horse Hospital is an oasis of opportunity in a city that, while vibrantly creative, remains genuinely challenging for those without significant finance behind them. Gareth Evans - Film Curator, Whitechapel Gallery

So, however challenging it has been, the rewards of being nonpartisan keepers of culture in this magnificent and idiosyncratic building have been manifold and profound. We are incredibly proud of the fact that since 1993 we have not only been fortunate enough to have shown a vast amount of amazing work by some of the underworlds true visionaries such as Joe Coleman, Helen Chadwick, Brice Dellsperger, Dennis Cooper, Cameron Jamie, Laurie Lipton, Bruce Bickford, Gee Vaucher & Crass, Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm McLaren, Franko B, Morton Bartlett, Craig Baldwin, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Lydia Lunch, Bjaarne Melgard to name but a few, but that we have 'also had the privilege to support and introduce literally hundreds of obscure artists, performers, film makers and writers, who may otherwise have been denied a voice by more mainstream organisations, to an ever-growing, receptive and appreciative audience.

Whether we can raise that kind of money remains to be seen, but having invested over 20 years in the building we intend to do everything in our power to make it happen, it's a massive task but we remain firmly optimistic that with everyone’s help it is possible.

In a climate where any grass roots, alternative or independent endeavors are being swept away into the dust of history it is vital that the spirit and ethos that we wholeheartedly embrace as an organization is given a chance to survive in these ever more capitalist, corporate and homogeneous times.

Any and all suggestions welcome! This can not happen!

The Chamber Of Pop Culture

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