Oh GOSH, No: 6 More time to comment


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Residents and Businesses Liaison Group


You can still object to GOSH's planning application to build a vast building, overwhelming Great Ormond Street, blocking daylight to nearby homes and businesses, and increasing traffic congestion and air pollution in the area.  You may not have got round to objecting yet, or you may realise you have more to say, but make sure your views are taken into account.  The more objections there are the better, because they show the Planning Committee how strong local opinion, whether residents, businesses or services, really is.

Details about the application can be found on Camden Planning Applications here:
insert 2022/2255/P as the Application number with Great Ormond Street as the Site Address, then click on SEARCH.  Then click on the Application number on the left side.  Go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘View Related Documents’ which will bring up all the documents and plans for the new building and, at the end of the list, all the objections that have already been sent in.

·      For an overview of the scheme, skim through the Design and Access statement. There are a lot of pictures but, sadly, none to show by how much the older buildings opposite would be dwarfed by the new one.
·      Skim the Deconstruction and Construction Management Plan to get a sense of how seriously the local area would be affected by the scheme for the five years it would take to complete.

The deadline for online comments has passed, but you can still comment:
·      by email planning@camden.gov.uk
·      in writing to: Development Management, Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, WC1H 9JE.
If you have any questions about any aspect of the GOSH proposals write to: patrick.marfleet@camden.gov.uk
Make sure you specify the Application number 2022/2255/P, and your name and address.  And give as much detail as you can about what you are objecting to. 
All comments will be taken into account right up until the actual Planning Committee meeting at which a decision will be made about the Application. We understand this is likely to be in September.  But don't delay.  Get your comments in soon!

Camden website states that you can object to applications on the following grounds:

·      the design, size and height of new buildings or extensions - for example you may consider that the new building is too high for the street, and will adversely affect the character of the neighbourhood;
·      the impact of new uses of buildings or of land; 
·      loss of light and the privacy of neighbours – for example, you may consider that the building will affect the light in your home or business, or enable people in the new building to see into your home;
·      access for disabled people;  
·      the impact of noise from plant equipment – for example you may be concerned about the noise from the construction, or construction traffic;
·      noise from new uses;
·      the impact of development on traffic parking and road safety – for example you may be concerned that the construction traffic along Lamb's Conduit Street, Great Ormond Street, and Boswell Street will adversely affect air quality and the safety of road users, pedestrians and cyclists, especially children going to and from school and Coram’s Fields.

Camden cannot refuse permission because of construction noise. However, they can restrict the hours of work to reduce disturbance to residents and other sensitive neighbours.
You can also encourage others to object by writing to the editor of the Camden New Journal at letters@camdennewjournal.com

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