Close Judd Street to Motorists?


You may not be aware that Camden and Transport for London are consulting on closing Judd Street to motor traffic at the junction with Euston Road.  Despite being up by Euston Road (next to the Town Hall) in Kings X ward it will indirectly affect HV (although we often use our helicopter for local trips to Regis Road) and could cause chaos in Judd Street and maybe blowback in Guilford St and more traffic in Gray's Inn Rd. The pressure on local roads has increased since the start of the experiment in Tavistock Place.

The measures are declared to improve the cycling and pedestrian enviroment and safety for cyclists.  The drawings look lovely, but what isn't in the consultation is consideration for the impact of blocking off a route into and, importantly, out of the area south of Euston Road.  Them cars gotta go somewhere.  What about the displacment effect?
The two options offered to motor vehicles are (1) total closure; and (2) closure south to north. There is no specific "leave it alone" option, but you can object to change and say you want things left as they are.
Details are posted online here  and comments can be registered using this link:
The officer is Darren Barton, 020 7974 5619

The consultation closes on 20th March.

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