CA-D: Let's Do Something About It


Thanks to everyone who came to the Area Action Group to support proposals for 24/7 residents parking in our ward.

The good news is that all our councillors  - Awale Olad, Julian Fulbrook and Sue Vincent - are supportive of these changes and have also suggested that Camden review all of its pay and display bays in Holborn with the potential to turn under-used bays into pay and display or residential bays.

Camden finally held a long overdue review of residents parking (borough-wide) and requests for CA-D 24/7 parking were over-whelming.

Here's the but.

Hearing this once wasn't enough for Camden who want to do another consultation, and they have said they wont do this until 2013 or 2014.

If you are tired of having to drive round incessantly looking for a residents bay please write to Camden to urge them to bring 24/7 bays to CA-D now AND to review potential under-use of pay and display bays in our ward. Also, as their recent consultation was random and few people knew about it, please ask to be kept updated on the situation.

The person to write to is:

Please copy our councilors in:

The more people who do this, the sooner we'll have improved residents parking in our ward.


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