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FREE: Lectures

Thu 01 March 2018 - Wed 28 March 2018



How can we explain the rise of nationalist parties? Why would we want all our electrical goods to be connected to each other? How can the Big Bang help us understand ourselves? And why was famous diarist Samuel Pepys tasked with carrying around the King's guitar?

Join Gresham College this month to  explore these questions and much more.

Events are 'first come, first served' with no booking required. Doors open 30 minutes before the advertised start time.

All lectures will be broadcast live on YouTube and recorded for the Gresham College website and YouTube channel

1 March      Dealing with Sex Abuse: How Does the Family Court Assess Risk?
6pm Barnard's Inn Hall

Jo Delahunty QC, Gresham Professor of Law
5 March Fulbright Lecture - Grasping Shadows: The Dark Side in Painting
1pm Museum of London
Professor William Sharpe
6 March Nationalist Parties
6pm Museum of London
Vernon Bogdanor, Visiting Professor of Political History
7 March Palace, Park and Square: St James's and the Birth of the West End
6pm Museum of London
Simon Thurley, Visiting Professor of the Built Environment
8 March Slave Stories: Aesop and Walter Crane
1pm Barnard's Inn Hall
Edith Hall, Visiting Professor of Classics
8 March The Lord Mayor's Annual Gresham Event
**FULLY BOOKED* - A livestream will be available on our YouTube channel from 5.30pm
The Rt Hon Lord Mayor of the City of London Charles Bowman
13 March The Quantum Mathematician
1pm Museum of London
Christopher Budd, Gresham Professor of Geometry
13 March Architecture and the Edwardian Era
6pm Barnard's Inn Hall
Dr Timothy Brittain-Catlin
14 March Personalised Medicine - Made for You
6pm Museum of London
Martin Elliott, Gresham Professor of Physic
15 March The Structure of Finance
6pm Barnard's Inn Hall
Jagjit Chadha, Gresham Professor of Commerce
20 March The Internet of Things
6pm Museum of London
Martyn Thomas, IT Livery Company Professor of Information Technology
21 March The Guitar at the Restoration Court
1pm St Sepulchre's, Holborn Viaduct
Christopher Page, Gresham Professor of Music
22 March Is 'Green Business' a Contradiction in Terms?
6pm Barnard's Inn Hall
Carolyn Roberts, Frank Jackson Foundation Professor of the Environment
27 March Are We Lost in the Cosmos?
1pm Museum of London
Alister McGrath, Gresham Professor of Divinity 
27 March Shakespeare's Ancient Ghosts
6pm Museum of London
Sir Jonathan Bate, Gresham Professor of Rhetoric
28 March The USSR in the Cold War Years
6pm Museum of London
Professor Polly Jones