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Romance, Maths, Bitcoin and Dung

Thu 04 January 2018 - Wed 31 January 2018

Love and light shine through January's gloom as Gresham College kick off 2018, with Catherine M. Roach questioning the concept of romance stories, Edith Hall uncovering the 'real Sappho', and Jonathan Bate tracing the themes of Shakespeare's great romances back to the Roman poet Ovid.  

Later in the month, Visiting Professor of Genetics Steve Jones explains how the Sun affects our health, sleep, and memory, while Joseph Silk covers x-rays, optical light, black holes, and gamma radiation.

Back on planet Earth, Jagjit Chadha debates the future of Britain's housing market, Carolyn Roberts weighs up the pros and cons of 'eco towns', Martyn Thomas explores the impact of cybercurrencies on how we live and work, and George McGavin asks: how has animal dung changed world history? 

Find full January listings below.

All events are 'first come, first served' with no booking required. Doors open 30 minutes before the advertised start time.

4 Jan      Happily Ever After: The Romance Story - 6pm Barnard's Inn Hall
Catherine M. Roach, Professor of Gender and Culture Studies, University of Alabama
9 Jan Maths is Coded in Your Genes - 1pm Museum of London
Christopher Budd, Gresham Professor of Geometry
9 Jan Will Bitcoin and the Block Chain Change the Way We Live and Work? - 6pm Museum of London
Martyn Thomas, IT Livery Company Professor of Information Technology
10 Jan Your Own Care Pathway - 6pm Museum of London
Martin Elliott, Gresham Professor of Physic
16 Jan The eXcrement Factor: The Natural History of Dung - 6pm Museum of London
George McGavin, Hon Research Associate, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford
17 Jan The Guitar in the Age of Charles I - 1pm St Sepulchre's, Holborn Viaduct
Christopher Page, Gresham Professor of Music
17 Jan London Merchants and Their Residences - 6pm Museum of London
Simon Thurley, Visiting Professor of the Built Environment
18 Jan The Age of Tyrants: Sappho via Gounod's Opera - 1pm Barnard's Inn Hall
Edith Hall, Visiting Professor of Classics
18 Jan Ecotowns or EgoTowns? - 6pm Barnard's Inn Hall
Carolyn Roberts, Frank Jackson Professor of the Environment
23 Jan The Clockwork God: Isaac Newton and the Mechanical Universe - 1pm Museum of London
Alister McGrath, Gresham Professor of Divinity
23 Jan Shakespeare's Lovers - 6pm Museum of London
Sir Jonathan Bate, Gresham Professor of Rhetoric
24 Jan Here Comes the Sun: Sunshine and Its Effects on Health, Sleep and Memory - 6pm Museum of London
Steve Jones, Visiting Professor of Genetics
25 Jan The Housing Market - 1pm Barnard's Inn Hall
Jagjit Chadha, Mercers' School Memorial Professor of Commerce
30 Jan The Labour Party - 6pm Museum of London
Vernon Bogdanor, Visiting Professor of Political History
31 Jan The High Energy Universe - 1pm Museum of London
Joseph Silk, Gresham Professor of Astronomy
31 Jan The Fate of the October Revolution Under Stalin - 6pm Museum of London
Bob Service, Emeritus Fellow, St Antony's College, Oxford