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Roman London FREE Lectures

Wed 27 September 2017 - Thu 26 October 2017

FREE Lectures from Gresham College

27 Sep    Discovering the Port of Roman London
1:00pm Museum of London

Dr Gustav Milne

Roman London was founded on the banks of the Thames to take advantage of the tidal river for traffic trade and communications. But precisely where were the bridge and the harbour, and what did they look like?
The remains of Roman vessels had been found at County Hall, in Southwark and at Blackfriars, but no sign of the port itself. Then, from 1973 onwards, in a long series of major archaeological excavations within the City, the ancient harbour was gradually revealed, often where it was least expected.

10 Oct    Roman London's First Voices
1:00pm Museum of London

Dr Roger Tomlin

Excavations have recently uncovered much evidence of Roman London, including fragments of 405 waxed stylus writing-tablets that can be dated to AD 50-90.
Roger Tomlin explains how her deciphered the tablets and what can be learned from them. They include the City's first financial document, dated 8 January 57; a contract for the transport of provisions from Verulamium (St Albans); business letters; complaints; and loans. 92 of London's earliest residents are named, including businessmen, merchants, brewers and soldiers.

26 Oct    How to Spot A Roman Emperor
6:00pm Museum of London

Professor Mary Beard

Mary Beard, Professor of Classics at the Univeristy of Cambridge, Fellow of Newnham College, and Royal Academy of Arts Professor of Ancient Literature - who is also well-known for her media appearances - will speak on the fascinating topic of images of Roman Emperors.
As well as being the Annual Royal Historical Society's Colin Matthew Lecture, the talk is also linked to the City of London's Roman Festival in Autumn 2017.

More info from the Gresham College website