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Consultation: Holborn Junctions

Mon 05 February 2018 - Fri 02 March 2018

Camden are consulting on proposals to improve safety and the quality of the public realm at key junctions in Holborn.The proposed changes are:

- No direct access to Bloomsbury Way-Vernon Place from Bloomsbury Square west.
- No direct access to Bloomsbury Square east from Bloomsbury Way-Vernon PlaceNo left turn from Vernon Place into Southampton Row.
- The removal of the through route along Bloomsbury Square west may result in more drivers using alternative routes such as Bury Place or remain on Bloomsbury Place until it joins Southampton Row.

Here is Camden's description:

Our long term plan for Holborn seeks to improve streets for walking and cycling, reducing collisions and traffic congestion, making Holborn a better place to live, visit and do business in. The area is currently congested and dominated by motor traffic, with a high number of traffic collisions, a high number of pedestrians, indirect and inconvenient crossing facilities and inadequate footway space.

There are high numbers of cyclists using the area; however, the facilities provided for cycling are currently insufficient for the current and future demand. In addition, bus routes and general traffic movements are indirect due to the Holborn gyratory system operating along Bloomsbury Way/Vernon Place (two way for buses), with Procter Street, High Holborn and New Oxford Street one way for all traffic. We want to remove the gyratory and make it better for walking and cycling, but recognise this will be challenging to deliver it all in one go. We will therefore continue to work with Transport for London to ensure we arrive at a scheme that addresses the problems taking into account the competing demands placed by different road users in a limited road space. In the meantime, we want to address safety and make improvements at key locations;

The Consultation document can be found HERE

The Proposed layout plan for Bloomsbury Square can be found HERE

The Proposed layout plan for Southampton Row/Kingsway/High Holborn can be found HERE

The consultation runs until 2nd March