Local Walks including Christmas and New Year


Friday, 9 November 2018 - Tuesday, 1 January 2019

50 Shades of Gray’s Inn Road

Friday 9th November 2018 at 12pm

Explore this fascinating area, which is far from grey! From explosions and epidemics to gardens and graves you will be amazed at the variety of things that have happened along just one London street. Meet doctors and dentists, lawyers and ladies of the night and even a cross dresser. (And despite the title, you can safely bring your granny along.)



Cool Clerkenwell

Friday 16th November 2018 at 11am

Clocks and Crusaders, Gin and Jerusalem, Huguenots, Radicals and Criminals. Explore the narrow streets of Clerkenwell bursting with colourful characters, fascinating stories, hidden gems and controversial architecture. Includes a visit to the well that gives the area its name.



Finding Fitzrovia

Boxing Day, Wednesday 26th December at 11am

​Meet the stellar cast of characters who have lived, worked and drunk here, including Charles Dickens, Bob Dylan, Virginia Woolf and Marie Stopes. With its fascinating past and everchanging present, enjoy stories of bad behaviour, inspiring developments in medicine and science, and maybe even find a pub or two!



A Most Lamentable Fire – City of London

Thursday 27th December 2018 at 11am

In 1666 The Great Fire of London led to the destruction of 80% of the buildings within the old City walls.

Starting where the fire's most famous chronicler, Samuel Pepys, lived and worked this walk follows the course of the fire from its outbreak in Pudding Lane to its terrifying climax at St Paul's Cathedral.



Sculpture in the City - 2018/19 Edition

New Year’s Eve, Monday 31st December 2018 at 11am

​The modern City of London is not just about business. The insurance district with its many iconic contemporary buildings is also an urban sculpture park with works by world class artists. Visit each of the works that have been selected for Sculpture in the City 2018/19. This year for the first time in its 8 year history 50% of the artists featured are women - including Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas.



The Woman Question - Bloomsbury

New Year’s Day, Tuesday 1st January 2019 at 11am

2018 marks the centenary of some women gaining the right to vote in parliamentary elections for the first time. Discover a mother and daughter whose remarkable lives gave us two of the most famous pieces of writing of the 18th and 19th centuries, advocates and activists both for and against women’s suffrage and a woman born into slavery who overcame appalling suffering to live by her own rules.



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More Events

Holocaust Memorial Day Lecture

25 Jan 2019 at 7pm

A single word — Auschwitz — is often used to encapsulate the totality of persecution and suffering involved in the Holocaust. But this obscures the fuller story, and the multiple legacies of Nazi persecution across generations and continents. Professor Mary Fulbrook will speak about her new book RECKONINGS: LEGACIES...
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Learn a Language Locally

21 Jan 2019 - 5 Apr 2019

Lunchtime or evening, small group courses in Spanish, Italian, French, Brazilian-Portuguese and German. All teachers are qualified native teachers.  Lessons take place at Lingua Diversa Group’s offices in Holborn. Evening courses (11 weeks, £210) and lunchtime courses (11 weeks, £140). There are minimum 3...
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Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies - Spring Semester

10 Jan 2019 - 9 May 2019

The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies, the world’s longest-running educational organization devoted to the study of horror history, theory and production, is pleased to announce the Spring 2019 lineup of classes, led by some of the genre world’s most renowned critical, literary and filmmaking luminaries....
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