Tavistock Place Cycle Track


Controversial since it was first opened for a one year trial last November, the time has come to decide what happens next to the Tavistock Place two lane cycle track.  But who is it who will decide?  That task falls firmly onto the shoulders of Cllr Phil Jones. He's the cabinet member for Regeneration, Transport and Planning.

Aiding him in this decision will be the results of the latest Camden consultation, communications from residents, businesses and lobby groups, as well as (we understand) our MP Keir Starmer.  The consultation remains open until 21 October.  Do click the link and take part. Questions 6 and 7 are the important ones.

Whatever the reasons are to make cycling more attractive and safe, use of our narrow London streets needs to be balanced. Balanced for all users. Camden claims one objective was to reduce the impact of through traffic in Torrington Place and, I assume, Tavistock Place.  Unfortunately all that displaced traffic has to go somewhere.  Previously mildly congested roads have now become very congested.  One correspondent in the CNJ eloquently explains that a previously 15min motor journey now takes up to an hour. This is not balanced use.

Pro cycle lane or anti cycle lane, do take part in the consultation, contact your ward councillor, and/or email Cllr Jones direct.  If the trial layout is not made permanent, the street layout will go back to its former, pre-trial layout. You may want to suggest that the council's engineers go back to the drawing board and do a better job next time. An advantage for one group of road users should not disadvantage everyone else.


BRAG (Bloomsbury Residents Action Group) have produced a simple petition.  If you feel you cannot support the cycle track, please take a minute to click this link and help BRAG let Camden know what you think.

BRAG's action:
We've been busy listening to to the community - holding meetings, organizing a petition and community planning day, consulting with experts, lobbying the Council and more - but we do need to act together

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